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MAC(Mahendras Advanced Classes)

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Ans.Mahendras Advanced Classes

Ans.Mahendras existing candidates holding lifetime cardsviz. All Genetic Card, Green Plus Card, Green Card, Silver Card.

ForMAC Banking, candidates will be short-listed on the basis of their performance in MCA/ST.The performance will be calculated by finding average marks scored by a candidate in all MCA/ST conducted in a particular month.
For MAC SSC,candidates will be shortlisted on the basisof the performance in offline/Online Speed test conducted in a particular month.


Ans. Eligibility criteria defined by the performance in MCA & ST(BOTH BANK & SSC)

Ans. Yes, it is separate for Bank & SSC.

Ans. Duration of MAC batches is 3 Months for Bank and SSC both.

Ans. 2 Hours per day (on Saturdays’ 4 hours class in Bank and 4 hours Speed Test in SSC).

Ans. In MAC Bank- Maths,English,Reasoning,General Awareness and in MAC SSC Maths,English.

Ans. Yes, we do provide the classes for those who are in job we have classes for them in the early morning and in the late evening as well. Apart from it weekend and Sunday batches are also running in branches to make the preparation easier for our working aspirants.

Ans. No, we do not provide franchise and we have our own branches all over India.

Ans. Fee varies from city to city in the same way like living cost and all the other expenses vary from one city to another.


Subject Lecture(2hours/lecture)
Bank SSC
Maths 28 36
English 24 30
Reasoning 24  
GA 8  

Ans. Yes, In MAC Bank, 2 Speed Tests in a Month (Every 2ndand 4th Thursday of the month based on SBI mains pattern-3 hours) and in SSC, 2 Speed Tests in a month (Every 2ndand 4th Thursday of the month based on CGL mains pattern-2 hours Maths and 2 hours English).

Ans. No need, but if you want to join MAC batch again as a new candidate (Fulfill all criteria).

Ans. Rs. 1100 only as registration fee (Non-refundable, applicable from 1st April 2018)

Ans. Yes, the samesheets shall be provided as in regular class(if needed).

Ans. Yes, available without any transfer fee (Only for MAC, Intercity and Intracity both).

Ans. Yes, but approval is required for the same.

Ans. Yes, but never join again in normal circumstances (But possible in other cases like Examination, a genuine health issue and casualties and as per management’s decision).

Ans. No, but you can join after taking admission in a Life Time Card.

(i) You must be a holder of green plus card.
(ii) You must clear both MAC entrance examinations (BANK & SSC) and;
(iii) You will have to submit the fees for both separately.

Ans. Yes, Mains Guru forthe bank andMains Guru forSSC classes.

Ans. In Bank MAC- 200 Questions in 2 hours (Maths,English, Reasoning, General Awareness- 50 Qeach) and in SSC – 100 Q’s in 2 hours (Maths and English- 50 Qeach).

Ans. Yes, you are eligible for taking speed test in lab.

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