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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide upto 3 Months batches for BANK, upto 4 Months batches for SSC & RAILWAY and 2-3 Months batches for STATE LEVEL EXAMS. Our new batches starts every week & classes run six days in a week, 2 hrs per day .

Our batch starts from 08:00 in the morning till 08:00 in the evening & in summers we provide early morning batches (06:00 AM-08:00 AM) & late evening batches (07:30 PM-09:30 PM) and we also provide weekend batches & Sunday batches. * NOTE: weekend batches & sunday batches are available in some cities only.

We use English, Hindi & Local language for teaching in the class

We provide extra classes to our students as per requireent & exam schedule.

We provide six days class per week which is of 2 hrs. & our class schedule is based on the latest patern of exam. Students can check their class schedule on ST Portal also.

We provide special classes regarding Bank, SSC, Railway & State Level exams before exam & these classes are delivered by our experts.

We provide PSS facility(Problem Solving Session). In this session students can discuss their queries related to subject with the faculty members.

Our faculty members are experts in their subjects. All the faculty members are highly trained by Mahendras. Faculty members of mahendras pay proper attention to the candidates.

Mahendras provide weekend (sat & sun) & Sunday classes also. *NOTE: weekend (sat & sun) & Sunday classes are available in selected branches only.

Mahendras provide real environment of interview round for his candidates. These classes are provided by Retired Bank Officers. As well as Mahendras also provide GD Session & Grooming Session.

Ans. We provide rejoining facility to the candidates free of cost.
*NOTE: Depends upon the cards.

Ans. we provide branch transfer facility to our candidates PAN India as we have 150+ branches in India.
*NOTE: Transfer charges applicable.

Ans.We provide batch transfer facility.
*Note: Charges applicable in case of fee differences.

Ans. Mahendras provide online test & offline test which helps the candidates in improving their efficiency & speed. With the help of Speed Test students can compare their rank with lakh of students PAN India.

Ans. In this digitalize era Mahendras is providing smart class facility PAN India.

Ans. we provide inhouse lab facility to our students in which students can give online test PAN India.

Ans.We are providing an advance class to our candidates. This class is one step forward. In this class we provide mains level study material, Speed Test.

Ans. We conduct a Star Performer Award every month in each branch of mahendras. In this students can register themselves at their respective branches and have to appear for the Star Performer Award. PAN India top three candidates will be felicitated on the basis of highest percentage.

Ans. We provide the facility of female help desk. If females are facing any kind of problems in Mahendras they can directly contact to our female help desk (9235253522) which is especially meant for females & caller identity won't be disclosed.

Ans.We provide Smart Class facility PAN India. In smart class faculty members teach through projectors..

Ans.We provide E-Study material on ST Portal so that students can read it any time & anywhere.

Ans.Monthly MICA is a Magazine In Current Affairs. Content of the MICA is especially written by our experts. Questions in MICA is for all competitive exams designed on the basis of latest exam pattern. It is provided every month to our students.

Ans.Mahendras has started a new programme i.e., Mahendras Success Story under this programme we make motivational videos of our selected students in government sector, the purpose of this programme is to motivate candidates to achieve their dreams.

Ans.In Student Portal we provide all types of Speed Test, Online Study Material, E-MICA facility, candidates can compare their Speed Test result with lakh of students & many more features.

Ans.Mahendras is available on different social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Twitter & Youtube so that candidates can easily reach to Mahendras & keep themselves updated.

Ans. We provide MCA (Mahendras Class Assessment) & CWS (Class Worksheets). MCA is a weekly practice set & CWS is provided lecture wise.

Ans. We provide upto 3 Months batches for BANK, upto 4 Months batches for SSC & RAILWAY and 2-3 Months batches for STATE LEVEL EXAMS.

Ans. We are provide different kind of courses for competitive exams. i.e., Bank, SO,SSC, Railway, Insurance,State Level exams & Others.

Ans. Mahendras fee structure is designed to provide educational services to all income group of the society. *NOTE: Fee vary from city to city.

Ans. Mahendras has not fixed any kind of eligibility criterion for the students. Students from class 10th to eligible for government exams can take admission in Mahendras

Ans. We provide study material for all types of courses. Our study material includes books of different subjects such as maths, english, reasoning, MICA & bag. Study material is based on the latest pattern of exam.

Ans. We provide online as well as manual study material to our candidates online study material includes : online videos, E-MICA, content in ST Portal account & in manual study material we provide Books, Bag, MICA.

Ans. We provide study material in hindi & english languages. Candidates can either take books in english language or in hindi language

Ans. We provide the free Smart Lab facility to our candidate. Smart Lab facility is available in all the branches of Mahendras.

Ans. Smart Lab provides the real environment as of exam.

Ans. Mahendras online test is based on the latest pattern of the competative exam, Mahendras online test is a exam before exam. It helps in increasing the speed & efficiency of the candidate which also helps in time management and accuracy.

Ans. Mahendras ST result is displayed on ST Portal. Candidates can compare their rank PAN India. Result helps in improving the performance of the candidates.

Ans. We provide lab facility from the opening of the branch till the closing of the branch.

Ans. Mahendras has won many awards in the education sector i.e., India Education Awards 2018, International Accreditation Award, Mahendras is continuously winning World Education Summit Awards from 2011- 2017 & many more awards have been achieved by Mahendras in the education sector.

Ans. Mahendras selection is more then 70% in all competative government exams.

Ans. We at Mahendras providing a real exam environment as we are providing free of cost smart lab facility, online speed test which is based on latest patterns of the competative exams

Ans. We organise felicitation programme to appreciate our selected students in any government sector PAN India.

Ans. Mahendras Success Story under this programme we show the journey of our selected students in government sector.

Ans. We provide the online as well as offline test facility to our candidates which is exactly the same as real exam. In these exams lakhs of students give exams at the same time & it gives a wider platform for competation. Students can compare their results with lakhs of competitors.

Ans. Mahendras has 150 + branches PAN India

Ans. We provide MAINS classes to our candidates. This class is one step forward. In this class we provide mains level study material, st for mains, faculty members teach according to mains exam.

Ans. We provide Smart Lab facility PAN India branches

Ans. We provide study material for all types of courses which include books, MICA & bag. Study material is based on the latest pattern of exam.

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