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About Us

Why Choose Us

Our tagline "Your Success is our Success" defines our mission clearly. We at Mahendra specifically provide Bank, SSC, Railway & other competitive examination classes and believe in preparing candidates by amalgamating the traditional techniques of teaching with the digital world. Our concern is to explore knowledge to all the candidates by implementing digital strategies to facilitate quality education and to transform the candidates' potential into a positive outcome i.e. their selection in Government Sector.

Innovative Initiatives

Stportal and Speed Test Lab

Mahendras has taken initiative to help candidates take up a job in the field of government jobs, in doing so, it created ST portal and Speed test lab whichcreates an exactly similar environment of examination hall,it is like ‘Exam Before Exam’, which helps students handle pressure and attempt questions with an ease in their exams.


Once Albert Einstein said “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Here in Mahendras we understand that not everyone has the same ability to clear an exam for job but they have a unique talent in them which make them stand tall in the world So we start an inventive as Mahendra skill for our youngsters who have talent in different fields but they don’t have any source to hone their talent to convert into skills. It is, therefore, Mahendraskills has provided classes and practical experiments to hone their skills, which help them to take jobs using their talents indulging into skills.

Physically Disabled candidate

Disabled candidates many times deprive of taking classes due to their disabilities and it remains like a dream forever but Mahendras has proven itself to make their dreams come true, it has created some special classrooms and special facilities for physically disabled candidates. Now they can study in their comfort zone.

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

We can’t imagine our wold without a girl, we need to support the girl child to survive her in the world in an equivalent manner to others. Mahendras has initiated a campaign under ‘betibachaobetipadhao’ in which we give great discount to the female candidates so that we may promote more girls in the field of preparation and try to make sure that girls can stand shoulder to shoulder against boys and even, go ahead from them.

Online Study Material

As we all know, the digital world is growing with the great rate these days and if you are not running with the same pace, you will be deprive of. It is, therefore, necessary for India to join the campaign of Digital India in which Mahendras has joined it by providing online study material which gets updated on a daily basis so that our candidates have the latest information and contents to fight against the world, which is changing day by day.

Who we are

Mahendra’s a Group which works with the motive of serving a broad section of the society and is among the leading institutions in the given field.

To empower the upcoming generation digitally with excellent standards of quality education and contributing a skilled workforce..

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