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Why Choose Us

Our tagline "Your Success is our Success" defines our mission clearly. We at Mahendra specifically provide Bank, SSC, Railway & other competitive examination classes and believe in preparing candidates by amalgamating the traditional techniques of teaching with the digital world. Our concern is to explore knowledge to all the candidates by implementing digital strategies to facilitate quality education and to transform the candidates' potential into a positive outcome i.e. their selection in Government Sector.

We The Mahendrans

Starting from 1995 to 2017 we nurture ourselves with 151 branches across the nation. Our mission is to offer quality education which will ultimately lead the young minds to a successful career. We do not limit ourselves only to classroom teaching but we think beyond it. We also made our presence on all the social platforms.

Our Vision

We believe that the maximum we explore from a student's mind, the maximum positive outcome we receive. Hence to ensure your success, we constantly focus on excavating the best out of you because your success is our success.

We provide you the guidance for:

  • » BANKS- IBPS, SBI, RBI etc.
  • » SSC

Digital India

With the vision to digitalize every corner of our organisation, we provide all the digital facilities to our students. This will not only ensure the overall development of students but also make sure the effective implementation of the knowledge gained by them during the theoretical sessions. Our digital initiatives include:

  • » Digital Classroom

Smart class

Online classes, PPT presentations, Video lectures and many more advantages are provided to students in our smart classes to make them up to date with the latest technology. We believe in traditional teaching with a twist of technology.

Smart labs

Our smart labs allow you to appear in the exam before you face the real exam. This provides you the perfect ambiance to practice and attempt speed tests.

Smart Assessments

Apart from all the other facilities, we offer a unique blend of smart assessment through various methods such as Speed Tests, Class Working Sheets (CWS), Mahendras Class Assessments (MCA). For your doubts, we conduct special Problem Solving Sessions (PSS) to guide you towards success.

Speed Test

In the era of cut throat competition where the level of difficulty is raising beyond the expectations. Here we require to be prepared from all the aspects to get succeeded in the examination. Our students are a step ahead from their competitors because of the regular speed tests. This facility provides an actual experience of examination hall before the real exam.

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Student's Corner

We believe that young minds are full of curiosity. So we are dedicated to end your curiosity by our problem solving sessions and student grievance cell. Students can register their respective suggestions, ideas and complains by generating a ticket through there ST portal.
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Who we are

Mahendra's a Group which works with the motive of serving a broad section of the society and is among the leading institutions in the given field.

To empower the upcoming generation digitally with excellent standards of quality education and contributing a skilled workforce..

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